Essence The Cushion Eyeliner Review – Careful Now!

Essence The Cushion Eyeliner, €3.79. Press sample. Not sponsored. 

Essence The Cushion Eyeliner Review - Careful Now!

This is cute! Essence just launched a cushion eyeliner –  a good cushion eyeliner. It’s a clever use of the cushion format. Usually, liquids like this come with those really thin brushes that you have to lie flat and drag. With this pot, you get the liquid look but can apply it with whatever makes the job easiest for you – an angled brush, a pencil brush, a stamp. Nice touch!

The liner itself really black, applies smoothly and sets to an even finish. I’ve had zero issues with transfer or smudging. In terms of performance, it’s flawless. If you like the ease of a gel formulation but prefer the finish of liquid, this is your man.

The only drawback is how quickly this deeply this soaks into bristles and how quickly it sets. I almost wrote off my MAC 266 brush. Have you ever seen The Exorcist? Washing dried Essence The Cushion Eyeliner out of my brush was exactly like that, only WORSE. Every time I thought I was finished, I found another reserve of product and had to rinse again. I’ve not seen anything like it.

My advice? Wipe it clean as soon as you use it, then set it aside to be deeply cleansed when you’re doing the rest of your brushes. You’ll thank me.



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