Free Wedding RSVP Card from Disney’s Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Inviting the president to your wedding is a bit of a tradition in America. Couples send an invite to The White House, then receive a pre-printed RSVP in return.

I haven’t seen one from the current administration, but shots of cute Obama poscards are all over the internet.

If you do the same in Ireland, you’re likely to get a more personal response. Micheal D’s office sends letters to couples, declining their invitation but wishing them well for their wedding.

While this sounds fun, I would not risk inviting Micheal. He’s only a 20 minute drive from the city centre, he could always take a notion and turn up on the day – a nightmare for your seating chart.

Speaking of Micheals, there’s another guy who will post you a keepsake – Mickey Mouse (and Minnie, obvs) will send you a signed photo, postcard or note to thank you for an invitation to your wedding.

It’s a cute idea if there are kids involved in the wedding – be sure to include their name so they get a mention – but I’m not going to judge anyone who just wants more Mickey in their life. Plus, with weddings being so pricey, it’s nice that there’s a low-cost keepsake option.


Send your invite to:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank California 92512

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Free Wedding RSVP Card from Disney's Mickey & Minnie Mouse

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