Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist SPF 30 Review

Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist SPF 30, €10. Press sample. Not sponsored. Available January/February.

This is one of the few recent beauty launches that has excited me. Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist Spray SPF 30 is sun protection that you can wear on top of your makeup. The dream! I’ve been testing this for three weeks, checking how it settles, how it wears and how it feels.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist SPF 30 Review

Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist SPF 30 Review

As it’s in the Moisture Bomb range, some of the key claims centre around hydration. In that regard, it’s similar to a lot of moisturising facial mists that I love. It’s instantly cooling and refreshing, and it does make my skin look quenched. In the picture above, you can see a very very very generous layer immediately after application. It’s almost wet-look there, but that settles after a few more minutes until it’s hardly discernible. If it was just a moisture booster with zero SPF, I’d still like it.

Now, about the SPF. I do worry that most people won’t apply this as liberally as they should because they’re used to quickly spritzing hydrating mists. If you keep in mind that you’re supposed to be getting a generous and even coating (apparently this takes at least six seconds of spraying) then you’ll get SPF 30 protection or close. If you rush it, you might only get a fraction of that.

Obviously, the cavet about proper application goes for all sun cream, not just Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist SPF. What works well here is that it doesn’t settle poorly when applied heavily, even with top-ups later in the day. In my experience, on days when I tested hourly applications I ended with some foundation separation. On days when I would only be outside and wearing makeup for a few hours, there was no big difference in how my makeup lasted.

So, while this bottle was a sample, I’ve already parted with my own cash for  a second bottle (it’s 1/3 off in Boots but it’s not on the website yet) and am favouring it over the rest of my SPF stash. Colour me smitten!

Edit – The European version of this not broad spectrum. This is bad news, in my book. Proper SPF should protect from UVA and UVB range. So, while I think this nice in a pinch and also feels nice, I’m disappointed that it’s not as effective as it really should be. 



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