My Hand Smelled Weird For A Whole Week: The Full Story

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In a roundabout way, today’s post is about what happens when you let a Twitter poll dictate your blog content. In a more literal way, it’s about how my hands smelled weird for a whole week.

First off, this post is safe for work. Promise! Secondly, if you’re not taken in by the mystery of my smelly hand, don’t worry, we’ll have regular beauty posts tomorrow.

vitamin c hand smell

The first time I noticed The Smell was Sunday night, when I was curled up in a ball and fretting about my Monday morning surgery. The Smell was mild and just like fake tan. On any other night I would have gotten up to wash, but I was sure that I was hours from death (a minor surgery + my nervous disposition = ten million percent death). I ignored it and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, just before I went down to the operating theatre, I noticed the smell again. This time I did stop to think about what it might be. Earlier on, I’d scrubbed myself with the rigour of a woman who was going to be naked in a brightly-lit room full of strangers, because that’s exactly what I would be doing, so smelling anything that wasn’t Imperial Leather was jarring. Still, I couldn’t think of a single thing that might be to blame.

I didn’t notice it again until a few days later, and this is where the plot thickens. My boyfriend messaged me from the office to tell me his hands smelled weird ‘but nonthreatening’. We pooled our smarts and decided that washing them again would be a good bet. And, while we’re talking smarts, no, I didn’t link his weird hand situation with mine at this point. After that was, he messaged back – mystery solved, it was the soap!

Except we were wrong. When he got home, he remarked that the work soap scent hadn’t washed off yet, even after a jog and a shower. I smelled his hands (Cosmo sex tip #1) and then it hit me (cosmo sex tip #2), it was the same mystery scent that had plagued me for a week.

This led us to figuring out what things both my boyfriend and I had touched that could impart scent. Almost four years in, still as romantic as ever. The investigation gets beauty blog relevant here – the only suspect, once we’d stopped eyeing the cat, was a new skin care product that we’d both been using.

vitamin c hand smell


This bitch! The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%, €6.70. It’s a brightening, smoothing, hydrating serum, and quite a strong one too – definitely strong enough to have a side effect. I took to Google, and yep, there were a few other instances of people finding that their hands had been stained with scent too. Why? I’m not sure on the science, but my guess is that it reacts with something in the skin and produces the scent, similar to fake tan.

Since then, I’ve found that rinsing my hands after application stops the scent from lingering. I’m guessing the wild longevity during The Week of Smelly Hands was caused by the vit c cooking overnight.

That immediate rinse means there’s nothing left to soak in, and I can carry on with my life, unscented. All in all, a happy ending. I learned something AND I don’t smell anymore! Delighted.

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