La Roche Posay Serozinc Review

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We are two years on since Serozinc’s much-hyped Irish launch. We were obsessed with the stuff. I remember women spending more in shipping and customs than they were on the mist itself. That hype caused long-term trouble for Serozinc.

I think its cult status stemmed from its early exclusivity, not from its skin enhancing properties. Don’t get me wrong – I love the stuff – but #bblogers were talking about it like it did the work of a chemical peel. Then, when it arrived it Ireland, I feel like it fell flat, unfairly so.

So while it’s not a game changer, I think it’s still worth a try. Full thoughts below!

La Roche Posay Serozinc Review

Top of the report, courtesy of Captain Obvious, it’s super soothing. It’s a fine, light, unscented mist. It doesn’t feel like you’re getting targeted with a garden hose, and you won’t choke on its fumes.

Its main benefits would probably be more apparent on skin that’s more prone to blemishes than mine, as it speeds up recovery and tones down redness. I’m liking it most for calming down irritation, keeping minor breakouts at bay and healing redness caused by squeezing my pores, which I do because I am a BRAT and will not be tamed. I think this would be a nice post-shave/wax toner too, if you do remove hair from your face.

So, while you’ll probably see people say it’s underwhelming, I totally appreciate its gentle formula. Skin that’s spotty often gets loaded with stripping agents (doesn’t that sound like something from a spy film?), but this is effective without being harsh or mixing things up too much.

P.S. I’ve added an affiliate link above, but there’s also a 15% discount non-affiliate code on Lookfantastic too.


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