Rihanna’s Makeup Line Will Consist Of….

Fenty Beauty has filed trademarks for what looks like its full range, due at Harvey Nichols in Dublin (and from Sephora.com) on September 8th.

At this stage, even my deepest creeping only revealed general products, ie we know we’re getting a foundation, but we don’t have specifics on name, formulation or price. For that kind of speculation see my previous post on what we know about Fenty Beauty.

tap 4 deetz af.

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Fenty Beauty Accessories

Cosmetic bags, either in leather or leather-look fabric, are on the cards. It seems we’ll be getting two options, Fenty Beauty makeup bags to stuff at will and also pre-filled kits.

In terms of beauty tools, Fenty Beauty is set to release a tonne of applicators; sponges, brushed, wedges, wands and sticks.

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Fenty Beauty Nail Products

Surprisingly, Fenty Beauty seems to be pretty heavily focused on nail products. Nail art stickers, nail wraps, false nails, glitter and nail polish are to be expected, but there’s also a crazy long list of products for maintaining your manicure.

Files, buffers, clippers, tweezers, scissors, treatments, remover – it goes on and gets more boring. I mean, Rihanna does not give herself an at-home manicure, does she? I can see her bringing about a nail wrap revival, but nobody needs swanky nail clippers. I’m sceptical. I have a hunch that these patents are a precaution, that we won’t actually be getting bejewelled cuticle sticks.

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Fenty Beauty Makeup

We know of two Fenty Beauty base products – foundation and concealer. My source didn’t mention highlighter, but Rihanna has hinted heavily that it will be included in the line.

Blush and bronzer are also missing, but don’t panic. It could be that they will be late additions to the collection that’s launching in early September, or just that the brand hasn’t registered their trademarks yet.

The only face products we know of are lipstick, lipgloss, eye shadow and ‘cosmetic kits’. I’m thinking the kits could be the reason the cosmetic side of things seems pretty lean – could we be getting our cheek colours in palettes, rather than in individual compacts?

Shout out to MUA for letting me know that Fenty Beauty is coming to Dublin and is not a Sephora exclusive. 

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