Say Yes to the Dress: Irish Edition

Say Yes to the Dress: Irish Edition

Big news, brides! Say Yes to the Dress is coming to Ireland.

“This new ten part series, Say Yes to the Dress – Ireland will air on RTÉ2 in early 2018. This series will be filmed in a brand new Irish bridal store, stocked with amazing dresses from all over the world. Cameras will follow brides through the bridal salon as they try all the styles and colours and face their friends and family in the hope that they can Say Yes to the Dress.”

As RTÉ2 is creating its own boutique, I’m guessing they’ll be importing a celebrity consultant. I wonder if Francis Brennan is free? Because now that I’ve pictured him as our Randy, I don’t think think I could accept anyone else.

In keeping with the original Say Yes to the Dress, there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to participate aside from the experience of being on the show. No discount, no cash towards your big day, just the prestige of being part of the production. Er, and if we’re indulging my fantasy, meeting Francis Brennan too.

Would it be something you’d consider?

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