Suzanne Jackson’s Fake Tan Details Leak

Alright gals, take your old fake tan bottles out of the bin – the rumours are false, Suzanne Jackson’s fake tan is on the way, but we’ve got to wait a little longer. (I say ‘we’ like I’ve used fake tan more recently than 2015. Oops)

Reports have been based on Suzanne registering ‘Glowbelle’ as a company name in March. The Irish Mail on Sunday went a step further than I can be bothered to and paid €4 on Solocheck, it seems.

However, that name might just be a placeholder, or it might refer to a different product. Whatever it’s about, Sue says it’s not going to be the name of her tan.

Dreaming of sunnier climates with that horrible day…

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She took to Snapchat to say none of the reporting is correct. More specifically, she called it’a load of shite’.

It might have been a throw-away comment, but I do wonder if it also covers the part of the leak that confirmed Sundrelle will be the SoSue tan’s distributor. They are the distributor for the rest of the SoSue range, but they’re also the company behind Cocoa Brown.

It’s possible that there’s some non-competition clause, but I say it’s more likely that it’s a case of crossed wires and Sundrelle will be looking after SoSue tan after all.

I mean, it makes sense – the model of an Irish-made tan with a formidable front woman has worked well for Sundrelle and Marissa Carter, the Cocoa Brown CEO. They’re smart to try to recreate the steps that led to the worldwide success of that launch.

Of course, the media is already running with the angle of this being a Suzanne VS Marissa girl fight. Marissa’s recent comments are fuelling speculation:

“Innovation is key to getting ahead. Never do the same thing twice because you won’t get the same results. Brands copy us now all the time. They try to do what we did with Cocoa Brown when we initially started…working with bloggers to try and grow their brand…that game is dead now, there’s absolutely no authenticity left in that business.”

But, in my book, there’s room enough for both tans. Irish gals are the biggest fake tan fiends in the world. If there’s anywhere a new product will do well, it’s here.

Will you be buying SoSue tan when it launches?



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