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We’ve got less than a month to go until Urban Decay Skin Care launches. From April 17th, Debenhams and House of Fraiser will carry two new lines; Urban Decay Meltdown and Urban Decay Rehab. Rehab! Meltdown! So edgy, so cool! Ahem.

Anyway, back to facts – the two ranges serve different purposes. Meltdown is about removing makeup. There’s an emphasis on strength – all Meltdown products are supposed to work to get rid of waterproof makeup.

Rehab Makeup Prep range focuses on priming skin for cosmetics and restoring softness.

Interested? Full details + snarky speculation below!

Sundays are meant for a little Rehab. #UDRehab #UrbanDecay

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Urban Decay Rehab Pore Refining Peel, €29, is a peel-off mask that comes with a warning. While it’s pitched as a sensitive-skin friendly treatment, it’s not suitable to be used all over your face. Instead, you’re supposed to use it only were its needed.

Also, very tellingly, you can’t apply it over peach fuzz. I’d bet my bottom dollar that warning is in place because this mask is a stage 10 clinger, with beard-waxing side effects.

Give it a try if you’re concerned with large pores and congestion.

Fun fact – one of the main ingredients is Irish moss. Bonus fun fact – that’s my drag name.

Urban Decay Rehab Hot Springs Hydrating Gel, €29, is a smoothing moisturiser. It’s formulated to create a good base for makeup; a good whack of silicone will temporarily soften texture issues and a little hyaluronic acid will go some way towards infusing moisture.

It’ll leave skin feeling and looking lovely, but it seems like more of a hydrating primer with a few skin care benefits than it does a dedicated day cream.

Urban Decay Rehab Lip Love, €14, can be used as a regular lip balm or, applied heavily, as a bedtime lip mask. It’s an oil blend that’s flavoured with mint.

We like our S.O.’s like we like our Meltdown Makeup Removers. Gentle, yet crazy powerful. 😉 #UDMeltdown #UrbanDecay

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Urban Decay Meltdown Dissolving Spray, €30, is liquid makeup remover in spray format, like the v. popular Urban Decay setting mists. But, in this case, you don’t mist the product directly over your makeup.

You’re supposed to saturate a cotton disk, then wipe that over your face, meaning this is your standard liquid makeup remover.

Urban Decay Meltdown Cleansing Oil Stick, €24, is a solid cleansing oil. Its format might bring up pan-stick flashbacks for some of us, but hey, we’ve got to move on some time.

Once applied, you add water and it emulsifies from oil to milk to foam. They’ve not used a very strong detergent, so I don’t expect suds galore. This might be a nice option for those with like the feel of a soapy wash but don’t like the residual tightness.

Urban Decay Meltdown Lip Oil Stick, €14, is a lip makeup remover. It’s supposed to break down waterproof/longwear lipsticks, but it can also be used as a moisturising balm on bare lips.

I could be mad at it, because yeah, any makeup remover should be able to get rid of lipstick, but I’m not.  Some of the new liquid stains require scrubbing, rubbing, 30 days notice and a please/thank you before they start to budge. If this takes the pain out of that, I will allow it. Go forth, grease up!

Does anything from the Urban Decay Skin Care lineup take your fancy, or will you be skipping it?

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